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Lecture 2 PhD Goals and Criteria
The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates 

2.4. What are the differences between a graduate student and undergraduate student?

Graduate and undergraduate students differ in several aspects. Graduate students, who are typically pursuing advanced degrees such as a Master's or a PhD, are expected to have a more independent approach to their studies compared to undergraduate students. Unlike undergraduate students who follow a clearly defined syllabus and study well-established knowledge, graduate students have a more loose timetable and focus on cutting-edge research in their field. They are often only required to take two exams, but also have to defend their thesis, which is a major milestone in their academic journey. Graduate students face global competition in their field and work closely with one major supervisor. On the other hand, undergraduate students follow a clear timetable and are graded based on a cumulative grade derived from standardized exams. They face local competition and typically have multiple teachers, who guide them through their studies.

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