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8. What is the best practice for a graduate student to guide the research of an undergraduate student? Focus on one project, or do this or that a little bit for multiple projects?

Guiding the research of an undergraduate student can be a rewarding experience for a graduate student, and it can also help to advance the graduate student's own research goals. Here are some best practices for guiding an undergraduate research project:

  1. Focus on one project: It's generally best to focus on one project with the undergraduate student, especially if the graduate student is already working on multiple projects. By focusing on one project, the graduate student can provide more focused guidance and support to the undergraduate student.

  2. Set clear expectations: It's important to set clear expectations for the undergraduate student, including the goals of the project, the timeline, and the expectations for the quality and quantity of work.

  3. Provide guidance and feedback: The graduate student should provide guidance and feedback to the undergraduate student throughout the project, including regular check-ins, feedback on written work, and guidance on research methods and techniques.

  4. Foster independence: While it's important to provide guidance and feedback, the graduate student should also encourage the undergraduate student to work independently and to take ownership of the project. This can help to build the undergraduate student's research skills and confidence.


Overall, by focusing on one project, setting clear expectations, providing guidance and feedback, and fostering independence, a graduate student can provide valuable guidance to an undergraduate research project while also advancing their own research goals.

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