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PUBLICATIONS with Undergraduate Students (Highlighted)

22. Lu Zhu, David W. Pearson, Stéphane L. Benoit, Jing Xie, Jitendra Pant, Yanjun Yang, Arnab Mondal, Hitesh Handa, Jane Y. Howe, Yen-Con Hung, Jorge E. Vidal, Robert J. Maier, and Yiping Zhao, "Highly efficient antimicrobial activity of CuxFeyOz nanoparticles against important human pathogens," Nanomaterials 10, 2294 (2020).

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8. Yuping He, Bo Yang, Kaikun Yang, Cameron Brown, Ramaraja Ramasamy, Howard Wang, Cynthia Lundgren, and Yiping Zhao, "Designing Si-based nanowall arrays by dynamic shadowing growth to tailor the performance of Li-ion battery anodes," Journal of Materials Chemistry 22, 8294–8303 (2012).

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1. Wade Bowie and Y.-P. Zhao, “Monte Carlo simulation of vapor deposition polymerization,” Surf. Sci. Lett. 563, L245–L250 (2004).

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