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  • Dr. Bin Ai, Professor, Chongqing University

  • Dr. J. P. Singh, Professor, Physics Department, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

  • Dr. Kun Yao, Senior Lecturer and Cleanroom Manager at University of Georgia

  • Dr. Yuping He, Real Estate Broker, ATLFDC Realty LLC

  • Dr. Yu Zhu, Senior Engineer, Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics

  • Dr. Slade Jokela, Project Scientist at Klar Scientific

  • Dr. Huanhua Wang, Professor at School of Physical Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Dr. Xianfan Zhu, Professor of College of Physical Science and Technology, Xiamen University


  • Yanjun Yang (2023), Postdoc, University of Georgia

  • Nicholas Filla (2023).

  • Layne Bradley (2021), Advanced Missile Signature Center Analyst, Axient LLC

  • Hoang M. Luong (2021), Research Associate, University of California, Santa Barbara 

  • Steve Larsen (2018), Material Scientist at Sandia National Laboratories

  • Lu Zhu (2018), Sr Scientist II at Alcon

  • Weijie Huang (2017), Data Scientist, Cardlytics

  • Whitney Ingram (2016), Research Staff, Sandia National Laboratory

  • Rui Cheng (2016), Staff Application Engineer, Synopsys Inc.

  • Yizhuo He (2016), Software Development Engineer, Amazon

  • Pradip Basnet (2015), Limited-Term Assistant Professor of Physics, Kennesaw State University

  • Manoj Manjare (2014), Quality and Reliability Engineer at Intel Corporation

  • George Larsen (2014), Research Staff, Savanah River National Laboratory

  • Jing Chen (2014), FSC Technical Manager, Merieux NutriSciences (China)

  • Xiaomeng Wu (2014), Associate Professor, China Agricultural University

  • Justin Abell (2012), Senior Scientist, Microfluidics at Generate Biomedicines, Inc.

  • John Gibbs (2011), Associate Professor of Physics, Northern Arizona University

  • Yongjun Liu (2010), Lead Machine Learning Engineer at FinThrive

  • Wilson Smith (2010), Professor, Chem. Bio. Eng., University of Colorado, and  Senior Research Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Zhongyue Zhang (2009), Professor and Associate Dean, School of Physics and Information Technology, Shaanxi Normal University

  • Junxue Fu (2009), Lecturer, Department of Physics, Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Jianguo Fan (2007), Microscopy Group Lead, II-VI Incorporated


  • Jun Chen (2012), Asistant Professor at UCLA

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