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International Conference on Sculptured Thin films (GLAD2021)

This conference was cohosted by Prof. Yiping Zhao from the University of Georgia and Prof. J. P Singh from Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi on May 6 - 7, 2021. All the speakers to give wonderful talks on various aspects of GLAD. I notice that there are two significant features in this conference: First, the speakers are truly from all over the world. Second, there are so many emerging areas in GLAD community, including active matters, plasmonics, sensors, devices, renewable energy, biomedical applications, etc. And new growth strategies and fundamental understanding of the growth mechanism have been proposed. All these show that the GLAD field is still a very strong and fruitful field. I am expecting that in the near future more unknown and innovative developments and applications will be explored and many fundamental scientific questions will be answered based on GLAD.

There are a total of 95 participants from all over the world to attend the conference. It is always my pleasure to see more and more people entering the GLAD field, bringing innovative and fresh ideas, and moving the field to new and exciting directions. I hope more and more research groups will join our community and use the GLAD in their research.

I would like to thank Professor JP Sign, Miss Jyoti, section chairs, other conference organizers, and the students in IIT to make such a successful meeting in a such difficulty time in India.

Some of the talk can be found in the following YouTube video:

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