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Large-Area Fabrication of Complex Nanohole Arrays with Highly Tunable Plasmonic Properties

Updated: May 7, 2021

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2020,12, 37435-37443


By combining nanosphere lithography with oblique angle deposition, large-area asymmetric compound Ag nanohole arrays with nanorods inside the hole were patterned on substrates. The technique enabled the production of complex nanohole arrays with controlled hole diameter, thickness, and rod structure inside the hole. The compound asymmetric Ag nanohole structures showed strong polarization-dependent optical properties, and a new extraordinary optical transmission (EOT) mode with tunable resonance wavelength at the near-IR region was observed. The transmission at the new EOT wavelength region can increase from 27% of nanohole to 69% of the compound structure, and these structures can achieve a refractive index sensitivity as high as 847 nm RIU–1. The tunable EOT wavelength and strong polarization-dependent optical properties make the structure ideal for ultrathin optical filters, polarizers, surface-enhanced spectroscopies, etc.

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